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Here at Fresh Scent Solutions we are dedicated to making your business smell fresh in convenient, cost effective, and environmentally friendly way.

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Fresh Scent Solutions makes it a breeze to remove the bad smells that linger in the air. Our air freshener wafers are designed to kill the odors in the air and leave behind a light & fresh scent. We use commercially designed dispensing systems that will handle odors from large spaces down to small rooms. Our professionally trained technicians will install a system to fit your specific needs and offer you a wide variety of fragrances to select from. At Fresh Scent Solutions we will provide, install, and maintain the equipment at no extra cost. Along with this, we will replenish the fragrance and battery for a small service fee every 4 weeks (13 times per year). We will also replace any lost, damaged, or stolen units at no cost to you.

Environmentally Responsible

By choosing Fresh Scent Solutions for your air freshener service, you can rest assured that you are helping protect the environment.

Fresh Scent Solutions uses a wafer that is designed with paper & wood fibers that absorb the scent oils and will decompose easily., which reduces land fill waste. The wafers we use are scented with essential oils and are compliant with VOC (Volatile Compound Standards).

We are Committed to Your Business

If you are using Fresh Scent Solutions, you can rest assured that your business will always smell great everyday.

Our wafers provide a fresh scent that will last up to 28 days, and the dispensers we install provide a continuous flow of air 24 hours a day, providing your business with a fresh scent cycling in the air 24/7.

Scientifically Proven

We don’t just mask odors — we eliminate them with proven technology.

Our fragrances include a true deodorant that attacks odor at the molecular level. This process renders the odor-causing molecules odorless, allowing the fresh scent from the oils used for your scent to make a great impression on your customers & visitors.

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