4 Week Service Plan

Fresh Scent Solutions provides each customer with a 4 week (28 day) on site servicing cycle. This fail proof process was established to ensure that your environment is filled with fresh air at all times. This servicing process includes wafer replacements, dispenser maintenance, and battery exchanges. Your fresh air is our number one priority. Our technicians are trained to be efficient and professional while visiting your business. Our service is fully insured, and we are dedicated to remaining compliant with our industry’s standards for our commercial customers.

4 Week Service Interval

Our wafers are designed to hold a scent aloft for up to 28 days. Our service periods are setup to replace each wafer before the scent begins to dissipate.

Repair & Replace

Fresh Scent Solutions technicians are trained to repair and replace all dispensers we offer. It is our promise that your dispensers will be working at all times.


Every 4 weeks your wafers will be replaced to ensure the air will always be fresh from day 1 to day 28. Each dispenser holds up to 4 wafers, and each aroma beam holds up to 10 wafers.


25 Scents & Fragrances

Fresh Scent Solutions is constantly updating their scents and fragrances with current trends & holiday requests. Once you are a customer there is no extra charge for changing your scents for the next service period. We offer 2 kinds of wafers both standard and premium. Extra charges apply for premium wafers.

Diverse Services

Fresh Scent Solutions knows no limits in their range of service. Whether its a large convention hall or an elevator, we can provide a fresh scent solution anywhere. Our dispersement applications are endless, from scented urinal screens, urinal pads, small dispensers on the wall, aroma beams on the floor, HVAC scent units, scatter granules for trash areas, spray units for dumpsters, and many more.

Large Service Zones

Fresh Scent Solutions focuses on larger metropolitan areas in the southeast. However, we will ship our dispensers and wafers anywhere in the United States. No customer is too big or too small. Expansion is our motivation, ask us to see if we can service your location today!

*If you are not in one of our Service Zones, we can sell & ship you our product and train you on the service & maintenance of the system. Go to Products >

What We Offer

Here are some of the services we offer with our 4 Week Service Plan

Anywhere, from your super sized banquet hall down to your bathrooms, Fresh Scent Solutions has a fragrant solution for you.

  • Air Freshener Units
  • Aroma Beams
  • HVAC Systems
  • Trash & Dumpster Deodorizers
  • Scented Urinal Screens & Urinal Floor Mats
  • 25 Scents & Fragrances

How Does It Work?

The Process


Select & Order

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Schedule & Install.

Contact us with your location details and confirm your initial setup date.


Sit Back & Enjoy!

Enjoy your new freshly scented air!

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Our Service Zones

Florida: Daytona, Orlando, Tampa, and St. Petersburg
South Carolina: Greenville, Spartanburg, Metro Area
Georgia: Metro Atlanta

*If you are not in one of our Service Zones, we can sell & ship you our product and train you on the service & maintenance of the system. Go to Products >

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