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Families trust Fresh Scent Solutions to keep their homes smelling fresh 24/7. We are dedicated to keeping your home smelling great in a way that is cost effective and environmentally friendly.

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Fresh Scent Solutions makes life a little fresher and more enjoyable while spending time at home. Just setup your first order and pick your air freshener options and your fresh air will be shipped directly to you. This will ensure that you stay fresh all year round.


Rest assured that when you choose Fresh Scent Solutions, the wafers used are natural & help protect the environment.

Fresh Scent Solutions uses a paper & wood fiber scented wafer that easily decomposes and reduces the amount of land fill waste. Fresh Scent Solutions scented wafers contain essential oils and are compliant with VOC (Volatile Compound Standards).


With Fresh Scent Solutions in your home, be confident that your house will always smell great.

Our continuous operating dispensers last long enough to make a difference with each wafer lasting up to 700 hours.

Eliminating Odors

We don’t just mask odors,
we eliminate them with proven technology.

Our fragrances include a true deodorant that attacks odor at the molecular level. This leaves odor-causing molecules odorless — allowing your home to simply smell fresh every single day.

Some of Our Location Specialties

Travel Homes

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